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Once you delegate your BAND, you can later undelegate to receive your BAND back. However, there is a 21-day unbonding period before the BAND amount becomes available.

we will show you how to undelegate


This guide necessitates that you first familiarize yourself with the Delegate document before proceeding.

Step 1 — Select the Validator you want to undelegate

Navigate to your account details page. you will see the Delegation section. then click Undelegate on your selected validator

click undelegate

Step 2 — Enter BAND amount

Undelegate pop-up window will be shown. enter BAND amount that you want to undelegate and click Next

click undelegate

Step 3 — Check Transaction details

check if transaction detail is valid then click Broadcast

click undelegate

Well done! Your BAND has been successfully undelegated.

check transaction

Step 4 — Check Unbonding tab

In the Unbonding tab, the date when your BAND will be available will be displayed.

transaction success