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If you've already delegated your BAND tokens and then decide to switch validators, you have the option to redelegate your BAND to new validators.


This guide necessitates that you first familiarize yourself with the Delegate document before proceeding.

Step 1 — Select the Validator you want to redelegate

navigate to your account details page. you will see the section of Delegation. then click Redelegate on your selected validator

click redelegate

Step 2 — Select the Validator you want to delegate to

In the Redelegate pop-up window, you will see a dropdown menu labeled Enter or select validator to delegate to Click on the dropdown menu and select the new validator you want to delegate to.

select new validator

and Enter BAND amount you want to redalegate to and click Next to the next step

enter redelegate amount

Step 3 — Check Transaction details

Check if transaction detail is valid then click Broadcast

click undelegate

Congratulations! Your BAND has been successfully redelegated to the new validator

check transaction details

Step 4 — Check Redelegate tab

In the Redelegate tab, you can view the details of your redelegation.

transaction success