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Example Use Cases

By utilizing pricefeed module in your Cosmos SDK application, you can request price data from BandChain via IBC. This creates a chance to obtain a variety of real-world data, including cryptocurrency and stock prices. Please take a look at the following example of an oracle-consumer chain that requests data from BandChain to use in their module.


The oracle-consumer is an application of the Cosmos SDK that demonstrates the use of the pricefeed module implemented by BandProtocol. This module allows other Cosmos SDK applications to easily obtain data from BandChain through IBC.

Requirements: oracle-consumer is built on the Cosmos SDK using the following modules:

  • x/consumer: Consume data from pricefeed module.
  • x/pricefeed: Logic of requesting data from BandChain.

You can see the full implementation of the oracle-consumer chain here