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Example Use Cases

As you can request any oracle script in BandChain from your CosmWasm contract. it opens the opportunity for getting any data from the real world such as crypto prices, stock prices, and weather data. Please see the examples of CosmWasm contracts that requests data from BandChain below.


This price feed contract is an example of getting crypto prices from BandChain using the push model to allow other contracts can read the latest prices and execute actions in one transaction.


  • Can trigger function to request new crypto prices from BandChain. (Execute Request)
  • Able to query the price of a symbol in the USD unit. (Query GetRate)
  • Able to query the price of a symbol in any unit. (Query GetReferenceData)
  • Able to bulk query the price of symbols in any unit. (Query GetReferenceDataBulk)

You can see the full implementation of the contract here


Lottery dApp is one of the use cases that can do with cw-band using the pull model to get the winning number when it reaches the end of the period to find the winner.