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Through a REST API Endpoint

The service allows users to easily query for recent price updates via a REST API.

Our REST Endpoints can be found in this Section.

Get Latest Price on Standard Price Reference

Method: GET

Path: /oracle/v1/request_prices

Parameters: ?ask_count={askCount}&min_count={minCount}&symbols={symbol-1}&symbols={symbol-2}&...&symbols={symbols-n}

$ curl -X GET "${REST_API}/oracle/v1/request_prices?symbols=BTC&symbols=ETH&ask_count=4&min_count=3"
"price_results": [
"symbol": "BTC",
"multiplier": "100",
"px": "4822795",
"request_id": "235866",
"resolve_time": "1631766659"
"symbol": "ETH",
"multiplier": "100",
"px": "303321",
"request_id": "245820",
"resolve_time": "1632163802"

For more usage example of our REST API, can be found in Band CLI and REST Endpoints Section.