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On BandChain, an oracle script can be registered into the system by anyone. This is done through the registrant sending a MsgCreateOracleScript message to the chain.

A MsgCreateOracleScript message contains various parameters of the oracle script that is to be registered. These parameters include:

  • name: Name of the oracle script.
  • description: A description of the oracle script.
  • schema: The oracle script's schema which details the inputs and outputs of this oracle script.
  • source_code_url: The URL for the source code of the oracle script.
  • code: The Owasm-compiled binary of the oracle script.
  • owner: The owner of the oracle script. The owner will have edit rights. If omitted, the oracle script's parameters will no longer be able to be edited after being registered.
  • sender: The message sender account.

In order to send a MsgCreateOracleScript message, we can use either bandchain.js or pyband

An example on how to send a MsgCreateOracleScript message via bandchain.js can be seen below.

import { Client, Wallet, Message, Coin, Transaction, Fee } from '@bandprotocol/bandchain.js'
import fs from 'fs'
import path from 'path'

const grpcURL = ''
const client = new Client(grpcURL)

// Setup the client
async function createOracleScript() {
// Setup the wallet
const { PrivateKey } = Wallet
const mnemonic = process.env.MNEMONIC
const privateKey = PrivateKey.fromMnemonic(mnemonic)
const publicKey = privateKey.toPubkey()
const sender = publicKey.toAddress().toAccBech32()

// Setup the transaction's properties
const chainId = await client.getChainId()
const execPath = path.resolve(__dirname, 'hello_world.wasm')
const code = fs.readFileSync(execPath)

let feeCoin = new Coin()

const requestMessage = new Message.MsgCreateOracleScript(
'Hello World!', // oracle script name
code, // oracle script code
sender, // owner
sender, // sender
'', // description
'{repeat:u64}/{response:string}', // schema
'' // source code url

// Construct the transaction
const fee = new Fee()

const txn = new Transaction()
await txn.withSender(client, sender)

// Sign the transaction
const signDoc = txn.getSignDoc(publicKey)
const signature = privateKey.sign(signDoc)
const txRawBytes = txn.getTxData(signature, publicKey)

// Broadcast the transaction
const sendTx = await client.sendTxBlockMode(txRawBytes)

return sendTx

;(async () => {
console.log(await createOracleScript())

An example on how to send a MsgCreateDataSource message via pyband can also be seen below.

import os

from pyband import Client, Transaction
from pyband.wallet import PrivateKey
from pyband.proto.cosmos.base.v1beta1.coin_pb2 import Coin
from import MsgCreateOracleScript
from google.protobuf.json_format import MessageToJson

def main():
# Setup Client
grpc_url = ""
c = Client(grpc_url)

# Setup Wallet
mnemonic = os.getenv("MNEMONIC")
private_key = PrivateKey.from_mnemonic(mnemonic)
public_key = private_key.to_public_key()
sender_addr = public_key.to_address()
sender = sender_addr.to_acc_bech32()

# Prepare Transaction Properties
deploy_msg = MsgCreateOracleScript(
name="Hello World!",
code=open("hello_world.wasm", "rb").read(),

account = c.get_account(sender)
account_num = account.account_number
sequence = account.sequence

fee = [Coin(amount="0", denom="uband")]
chain_id = c.get_chain_id()

# Construct a Transaction
txn = (

# Sign the Transaction
sign_doc = txn.get_sign_doc(public_key)
signature = private_key.sign(sign_doc.SerializeToString())
tx_raw_bytes = txn.get_tx_data(signature, public_key)

# Broadcast the transaction
tx_block = c.send_tx_block_mode(bytes(tx_raw_bytes))


if __name__ == "__main__":

After a successful transaction broadcast, the newly created oracle script ID can be found in the response json. The registrant can also view the created oracle script details on CosmoScan. An example of a successful transaction will return a response similar to the one shown below.

"height": "7440523",
"txhash": "FEDE0E7482CA6AB3A08E4643B2ADA03B0E6E961EE8747F41A1BF891BEDFE3C23",
"data": "0A220A202F6F7261636C652E76312E4D73674372656174654F7261636C65536372697074",
"rawLog": "[{\"events\":[{\"type\":\"create_oracle_script\",\"attributes\":[{\"key\":\"id\",\"value\":\"202\"}]},{\"type\":\"message\",\"attributes\":[{\"key\":\"action\",\"value\":\"/oracle.v1.MsgCreateOracleScript\"}]}]}]",
"logs": [
"events": [
"type": "create_oracle_script",
"attributes": [
"key": "id",
"value": "202"
"type": "message",
"attributes": [
"key": "action",
"value": "/oracle.v1.MsgCreateOracleScript"
"gasWanted": "250000",
"gasUsed": "246278"