# Supported Price Data

Anyone interested in requesting price data from the Standard Dataset can query the list of symbols supported by the Standard in two main ways:

# Standard Dataset Explorer

For the most up to date list of symbols that we support, please see data.bandprotocol.com (opens new window)

data.bandprotocol.com homepage

The index page shows a list of all of the symbols we currently support, currently divided into three main categories:

  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies

data.bandprotocol.com symbol page top part

For each token, we also show the latest price retrieved as part of a data request on BandChain. In addition to the final price, the aggregated price for each of the data sources we pulled from are also visible. Finally, you can also view the individual data response returned by each validator selected for the data request by hovering your mouse over the 16 Validators link.

data.bandprotocol.com symbol page middle part

The page also shows information regarding the chains on which the specific symbol is available, along with a link to a guide on how to integrate the price into your smart contract and front-end applications.

data.bandprotocol.com symbol page bottom part

The status for the price feed (the update interval, deviation update threshold, 24hr average deviation, and average update interval) is shown at the bottom of the page. Finally, the 24-hour on-chain historical price data for the token, as well as the deviation history is also available to view as a plot.